Peonies Are Blowing My Mind

April 5, 2010

Look back a few days and watch the photos of the peonies, tucked in front of our porch. They are growing literally inches every day. Now they are beginning to branch out and are getting covered with leaves. In just a few weeks (isn’t that just mind-boggling? merely days!) these stalks will be full-fledged bushes, covered with luscious white poms, the edges tinged with the palest pink.

Each year, I expect a parade of ants, and each year I am disappointed. Theses peonies don’t seem to need the help. They do need tying back, although this year, I am determined to make the most of my grow-thru grids. We’ll see if they support the weight!

I think the site, in the front of the house, with unobstructed sun for most of the day, is the key.  The crowns I transplanted in the fall from the backyard to this front site are leaping and pouncing now, whereas they languished in the backyard for about 6 years, with nary a bloom ever. They are now coming through the daffodils and show make a nice cover in a few weeks for that dying foliage. Blessedly, the Damn Rabbits have no interest in peonies.

My oldest child is 20 today and reminds me very much of those transplanted peonies. After a very rough high school experience, plagued by health problems, he is now in college, coaching lacrosse, healthy, leaping and bounding every day.

Apparently, a lot of things can benefit from transplanting, from a new perspective, from a little more sun.


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