Back Beds Done

April 5, 2010

It is truly a Good Friday. The weather is warm, just a little too windy but I’ll take it. Saw flickers today, a kind of woodpecker, a male and two females. I wasn’t quick enough with the camera, so no photos to share.

I took the afternoon off and got through the back beds. Because it was just too hot for long sleeves and because I’ve got a plethora of grasses back there, my arms and face itch. Time for a hot shower and hydrocortisone cream.

After spreading the five yards of black dirt last fall, I was anxious to see what would come up. Seems we’re doing very well. I’m anxious about the hostas under the pin oak and by the back door, but the astilbes are coming in and so are the lamb’s ear. Two of the bleeding heart I purchased at the Garden Show are thriving, but I can’t remember where I planted the third one. I should find it soon, as it grows and buds out.

The blue bells are emerging which is a huge relief as they have not really done well since they were planted two years ago. It must be that magic new black dirt. The allium and the crazy hair allium continue to sprout. The red lilies my mom gave me years ago are popping – all the excitement gives me chills. I’m seeing evidence of chewing in the front beds – Damn Rabbits.

Last year, I was able to staple chicken wire to one side of the arbor to support the red clematis. This year, I pulled off all the dried stuff, and added chicken wire to other side to support the white one and the fall bloomer. They have been pruned hard. There is one in front that I haven’t touched and we’ll see how it looks this year, as it is already budding out.

Left to tidy: the pond, the hosta bed and the side evergreen bed. Stay tuned…


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