Oh, Those Hyacinths!

April 2, 2010

They are open and huge and sweet and heavenly! Tony and I went outside to smell them this evening. What a beautiful night; breezy and warm with not a hint of mosquito in the air. Perhaps the perfect garden experience!

I’ve been putting my shredded papers in the garden as mulch and it’s sat there all winter. Today, most of it is gone and not from the wind, but from the birds! It seems to be perfect nesting material. I hope they are spreading the word because I have alot of it.

Discovered straw bale gardening on the Internet and have decided that’s the way to go for the veggie garden. What an easy peesy lemon squeezy way to build a bed! I’m buying the bales tomorrow hopefully and will put them where I want the garden. Because I’m anal about the way my garden looks, I’ll surround them neatly with a nice brick border. We just let them sit in the rain and wind until the middle of May, when they will be ready to plant. I’m finding you just make a slit and drop in your plants and the natural decomposition of the straw (or hay) feeds the plant and supports the roots. Apparently, they are huge water savers as well, soaking it up like a sponge but never sogging out your plants. Wish I would have known about this before we put in the berm to eliminate the bog! I’m told they last 2-3 years, at which time you just break them apart and use them for mulch around the garden. How exciting is this discovery?? I’m going to put marigolds all around the edges (maybe discourage the Damn Rabbits?) and then plant my beans and peas and peppers. The tomatoes will be hanging from the porch in the upside down containers.

Speaking of Damn Rabbits, they are already getting at some of the plants (see the photo of chewed leaves – bastards). This year, I’m abandoning the fairly successful Liquid Fence in favor of Milorganite. I’m hearing the Milorganite works something fierce – it’s made from sewage bacteria! Amazing fertilizer and rabbit deterrent. Could that be more perfect? Yeah, right. I have to say I’m not convinced or even hopeful. I’ve seen my Damn Rabbits (aka The Rabbits From Hell) partying in the midst of coyote urine, mothballs and human hair. The red pepper seemed to actually¬†encourage them and the human hair was ineffectual and really disgusting.

I’m trying to take a half-day tomorrow to get ready for Easter and enjoy the outside while I clean some of the back beds. Wish me luck that I can manage it!


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