Moving Day

March 31, 2010

Yesterday was the day!

The house wrens made it official and were busy, busy, busy all day in the birdhouse. I didn’t see the closing, or the transfer of keys, but with all the dried twigs and leaves getting pushed through the door, I take it they have complete ownership.

I was given this particular birdhouse about 6 years ago. A sweet little girl bid on it in a silent auction, with the hope of giving it to me if she won as she knew I love my garden. At the time, I was so very touched by her thoughtfulness. I hung it in the big pin oak, thinking it would be a lovely piece of garden art. I didn’t have much (alright – any) hope that anyone would move in.

Well, apparently, this house is perfection in bird accommodations. Every year, for 6 years now, I have played host to a pair of house wrens who move in, nest, have chicks, teach them to fly and then move out. (I did have to move it after the first year, because it hung over the pond. That year, I found 2 chicks face down and drowned. Ick. Now if they are less-than-able flyers, they land on the ground, among the columbine. Learning to fly is difficult enough; forcing them to learn to swim just too cruel.)

When it’s warm enough to sit on the patio, I’ll watch the comings and goings and the feedings and the lessons, enjoying those tenants so very much. And each time, I’ll thank a little girl who bid on a birdhouse.

House Wrens Moving In


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