Greener Every Day

March 30, 2010

The hydrangeas are coming in, green leaves unfurling. The pigsqueak is sprouting, each year an ever-widening circle. The pigsqueak never fails to amaze me, as it’s one plant with pink flowers and blue flowers – seriously, how cool is that?

The daffodils that hug the house are full and glorious and yellow, warmed by the ambient heat to sprout early. The daffodils in the flower beds are still just leaves, with no real buds yet. As the first daffodils are fading, the others will take over. It’s nice to have that continuous bloom.┬áThe tulips are all up, but no buds yet. Those bulbs are scattered haphazardly in the porch bed, never really tended. I can’t remember planting them, but I must have, about 8 or 9 years ago. I think I have probably dug them up and stuck them back in countless times while fussing with the hydrangeas, coneflower and the ill-fated roses. Yet they come back every year for a burst of red just as the daffodils flop.

The pampas grass is still dormant and will make me nervous until they sprout, which will be later than I hope or expect, so I’ll be nervous much longer than I want to be. For a prairie plant, something that should just grow like crazy here, pampas can be a little touchy. I lost a huge, really substantial clump a few years ago – an absolutely majestic, gorgeous plant – and still haven’t recovered emotionally. So I’m a little weird about the pampas grass. And something that really throws me – how is it that if you dig up a clump to divide it, the only parts that thrive are the outer edge, but if you leave it in place, the whole darn thing fills in? I just love these little quirks of the plant world!

The hyacinths are getting bigger and bigger each day; sometimes I think they grow as I watch them. Can’t wait for them to open because their perfume is so very heavenly. We’re supposed to get wonderful weather every day this week, with Friday in the 80’s, so they should be open on Easter Sunday. What a nice way to ring in spring officially!

The peonies are starting to shoot up, again seemingly gaining inches each day. They are truly magnificent, a gift from my cousin Monica years ago. I’ve divided them many times to put them all over the garden, but the original clump in the porch bed is still the most stunning. They are white with pink edges, so elegant and again, what a scent!

The sedum is emerging, the lilac is getting greener and greener and the chives have just gone nuts in the last two days.

The best part of all: not one of these plants are attractive to the Damn Rabbits.


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