Sunrise Opens Saturday!

March 26, 2010

Nirvana comes to earth on Saturday. Sunrise Greenhouse Woldhuis Farms opens. OH. MI. GAWD.

I got the email today and it is full of coupons for violas (can’t have, the Damn Rabbits eat them), pansies (ditto) and dianthus (which they seem to leave alone). My heart went pitta-pat when I saw the email and the coupons – flowers and saving money – good lord! My perfect combination!

Sunrise Greenhouse is not a hardware store or home improvement store. It is not the nursery around the corner. It is sprawling, massive, huge greenhouses and a farm where, for acres, you can walk in covered bliss and see an Eden come to life. Annuals, perennials, vegetables, roses, shrubs, trees, pond plants, herbs. In short, it is heaven for a gardener.

I usually hold myself in until May for Sunrise, because by that time I have a pretty good feel for what space needs filling and then, each year, I make a very careful, precise list to adhere to when I shop. And then I get there and it all goes to hell in a handbasket. You see, if only I had KNOWN about that new color of bellflower before I got there, it would have been on the list and then I would be perfectly within reason to purchase it! So I go ahead and put it in the cart.

And as much as I love color and blooms and scent, the grasses are such an addiction. God, the colors and textures and sizes! The seed pods and stripings and the shapes! They add so much to my landscaping and I am just crazy about them – the tall ones, the small ones, the blue ones and the ones with shoots that pierce the sky. Yeah, one more of those won’t hurt. Get it in the cart!

I thought I needed one flat of impatiens, but you know, that color would look great under the pin oak and the other would look wonderful under the office window. Oh! Look at that new coleus!  And although my plan calls for only 12 zinnias, I can easily convince myself that 24 would be prettier sooner. Sunrise Greenhouse is a shining promise of spring for me, a place to go and breathe the dirt and mud and plant, discover new colors and plants and ways to fight the Damn Rabbits.

And then it always happens. I get home and unload and Tony looks everything over and asks all the right questions and says all the right things to make me feel joyful and hopeful. I start planting and am zooming right along when I realize that the space I thought perfect for that extra bellflower already has a very healthy astilbe planted there and there really is not room for 24 zinnias unless I plant them much too close together. I find myself, plant in one hand, digger in the other, circling the house with a bemused, slightly frustrated expression. Surely there must be room for just this ONE little plant… right? Somewhere? So I circle again and again and Tony looks out the window and laughs.

And I laugh too, because at that moment especially, I am my mother.


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