Clean Up Tomorrow…If The Weather Holds

March 26, 2010

Did the walk around today, feeling like Mr. Tyler in our old neighborhood. He used to go out in his satin robe, holding a cup of coffee and stand in front of his house and just look at it. My mom always got such a kick out of it; “There’s Tyler looking over his estate again.”

Now I am he, but with tea instead of coffee and sweat pants instead of a robe. My neighbors put up with enough already – can’t expose them to my definitely-not-satin robe. I walked around today, noticing again what’s coming in and what needs pulling out. Actually had a good winter with lots of snow cover to keep everything snug and safe. I didn’t see much evidence of Damn Rabbits, but have noticed that we’ve got a huge white and black cat prowling the neighborhood at night. While I ‘m not a fan of letting pets out unsupervised (cats can decimate a neighborhood’s songbirds), that predator (and that big brown one on the walking path that scared us the other day) may be keeping the Damn Rabbits under control. The year we had the feral cats under the neighbor’s shed, we had very few rabbits and that was, quite frankly, very pleasant.

Hopefully, I can put in a few hours tomorrow and Sunday, cleaning out the beds and planning that vegetable garden. I did plant my Trader Joe’s hycianths today. We’ll see if they come back in the spring. When you look at the photos, yes, that’s eggshell that you see, and grapefruit rinds and avocado pits. Our attempts at “ultimate casual composting” weren’t as successful as we’d hoped and a real compost station will be constructed this summer. All that mess will be put used as the initial filler for the raised veggie garden. Mr. Neat Neighbor will be so happy; he’s still not over our porch railings being painted 4 different colors.

I made quite few photos today of the beds in their “unwashed” state so we can enjoy the difference when they’re tidy!


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