Chicken Wire and Clematis

March 25, 2010

A cold and cloudy day – no sun today and absolutely no desire to dig in the dirt. I have 3 pots of 3 grape hyacinths each from Trader Joe’s that need to be planted, but I’m not sure where they’re going.

Thinking about supporting the clematis and trumpet vine on the front of the house and realizing that I need to get it done before the proverbial horse leaves the barn. Last year (much to my chagrin), the fall clematis took off like a rocket, beyond my wildest expectations for a first year planting, and just inundated the pathetic trellis. So in an effort to get it moving up instead of draping down and trailing on the ground, I stapled chicken wire to the cedar siding (I’m sure Neatnik Neighbor loved seeing that!) and trailed it through. Looked absolutely breathtaking, covered with white stars and just perfuming the air with a heavy honey scent. Then it got too heavy and ripped right out of the siding. WHAT a mess. Had to cut it all to pieces and wait until next year to do it right (see, there’s that hope thing again with gardeners).

I’m thinking of building a really tall trellis with 2″ x 2″s and chicken wire and nailing it right into the siding (Neatnik Neighbor saying “ouch” right about now). I’ll paint it to match the siding and brick, so it won’t be too objectionable. What’s the sense of a beautiful expensive trellis when it just gets covered with plant?? And just think of what it will look like when it’s covered in that clematis! Green and white and just heavenly to breathe in.

Got to get to Menards….


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