Planted Promises

March 23, 2010

Guilt assuaged today! The weather is nippy but not raw, the ground is soft and just barely moist, black and rich and crumbling in my hands, perfect for planting.

I pulled my stargazer lilies bulbs out of the cabinet in the garage, where they were wrapped in a paper bag, now damp, roots sprouting.  I smelled the dirt on them and thought about their travels from the breeder to the garden show bin to me and now to my garden. I sited them on the edge of the pin oak’s drip line, in the back garden that gets more sun than shade and where I can see them from my office window. Then I got out my gardening gloves.

Ode To My Gloves: My gardening gloves are Atlas 360, size small. They are (of course) purple. They fit, literally, like a glove and are rubber coated. These things are amazing, better than Foxgloves, of which I was quite the devotee. They get wet and dry and wet and can pick up mulch and rock and they still look great, no holes and no wear. They look like new – really – after a whole season of planting and pond maintenance. My hands stay undamaged. I love my gloves.

I’ll wax poetic about my digger in a later post, but I used that today too.

Dug 6 straight and deep holes, placed those bulbs in root side down, and filled them up with delicious black dirt. I think the bulbs were very pleased to go in because they know their potential. They are about the size of a lacrosse ball, filled with promises of pink and elegance and green and stateliness. They are a burst of formal structure in a garden that is most often left to wildly reseed.

The Damn Rabbits have left Stargazers alone in the past; let’s offer a silent prayer to the gods of the garden that they do so again.


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