First Day Of Spring

March 21, 2010

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring, and we were treated with a stunning snowstorm. Fat, cottony snowflakes swirling, windows rattling and the overwhelming feeling it would be a great day for popcorn in front of the fireplace. My day was spent at a theatre contest, supporting my daughter and her amazing interpretation of a stuffed armadillo growing old and falling into disrepair. That’s a good thing, as the 70 degree weather yesterday (yes, I live in Chicagoland, which means temperature fluctuations that always amaze but never surprise) got me itching to start cleaning out, chopping down and prettying up. That was made impossible by the weather.

Today it is still cold, windy and raw. I missed my chance last week to plant the stargazer lilies I bought at the flower and garden show and now have guilt that they are not in the ground. The bleeding hearts were in immediately, so that makes me feel a little better. They have grown at a remarkable pace already.

I will have to wait another week to cut down the huge ornamental grasses that are splaying over my lawn (and my neighbor’s – he is so patient!). My goal before May 1 is to gather up all the compost-that-didn’t-quite and build a raised vegetable garden in the sunny corner of our lot, out of the way of bean bag players. I’m planning on lining the bottom with chicken wire so the Damn Rabbits can’t burrow through and then make a raised fence of chicken wire so they can’t jump over. I really want green beans this year.


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