I Smell Spring

March 20, 2010

My son texted me that a few days ago: “I smell spring.” I went outside and I did too. It was that delicious combination of mud, new growth and warmth in the air, with just a soupcon of rotting leaves.

My gardens are coming alive again, after a winter which seems to me to pass more quickly every year, or maybe it’s just the anticipation of the good things that I know will come that makes it seem so. The daffodils come first courageously, always a little too early for my comfort. They are due to be snowed upon come Monday. They are quickly followed by the hyacinths, with such a sweet smell I nearly pass out from inhaling too deeply. Then those delicate anemones, growing bigger and hardier each year, and a few straggling tulips that the Damn Rabbits seem to miss each year. Then comes the real warmth; in the earth and in the air ¬†and all around us, and the burst of all things green and pink and purple and yellow and white.

I can’t wait.

I read somewhere that only gardeners can truly understand hope because a garden is never as good as it will be next year. For now, this is next year and I am hoping!


2 Responses to “I Smell Spring”

  1. Budman said

    Spring not only makes the garden bloom, it makes our spirits bloom.

  2. Joe Green said

    Spring is what you can put in your step when that damn Snow(ice) has left the ground. Come to Georgia.

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